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What is SmartLivein?

SmartLivein is network of branded, ready-to-move rental homes for working professionals and families in metro cities. We are on a mission to standardize home rental and management so that people can lead a better quality of life and Hassel-free life in order to make the most out of their limited time and money. We strive to make home renting smart, risk-free and affordable. There are many insecurities and uncertainties related to traditional home renting model. We are simplifying, standardizing & automating the entire process of renting for tenants and renting out for homeowners through technology and end-to-end customer support. Superior quality of living, zero hassles with a minimum service charge!

What are we not?

We are not brokers, we are rental solution providers. Right from transforming a house to loading it with all promised amenities, we make it ready to move in.

What do you mean by a ready to move in home?

A home where you can come and live with just your bag of clothes. Not Kidding!

What is included in the Monthly Rent?

Rent includes Bed charges, furnishing charges of items that we provide

What is NOT included in the Monthly Rent?

Food, Water, Electricity bill, Gas, DTH, Internet, maid, cleaning, garbage collection, society amenity charges, power backup fuel charges etc. has to be paid by tenants.

What is the monthly rental cycle

You can pay the rent on or before 5th of every month.

Are there any late payment charges?

We encourage you to pay the rent on time to avoid inconvenience. Rs. 500 will be charged for the first Week delay and from 2nd week onwards Rs200 per day will be charged.

Who will take care of repair, maintenance, cleaning services etc.?

For major maintenance issues, you can register the complaint with us and we will ensure that the vendor (call-fixie or local service providers) connect with you and solve the problem. We encourage you to take care of minor maintenance issues like fixing tube lights or bulbs. Repair & maintenance services will be done by 3rd party vendors (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc) SmartLivein will facilitate the right vendor and costing. Payment has to be made by the tenants. We can also arrange on demand tie-up with 3rd party service providers for services like regular cleaning at discounted pricing.

Will SmartLivein pay the electricity bill?

No. Every house has its main meter so as per the utilization, it will be shared among the flatmates/roommates in case of bachelor friendly homes, you will have to make the bill payments by yourself. In case of family friendly homes, the tenant should pay the bill amount as per the monthly bill generated by Electricity departm

I am the only tenant in a house, will I have to pay the utility bills (Electricity, Wi-fi, DTH) alone?

Yes, the entire amount has to be paid by you.

Do you provide gas cylinders, maids, tiffin services etc?

We don’t, however, we can connect you with vendors and service providers for these Value-added Services.

What does a typical fully furnished ‘SmartLivein' Property looks like?

  • Fully furnished apartments or independent homes in top localities near corporate hubs.
  • Spacious living rooms with couches, centre table, TV, DTH connection.
  • Bedrooms- (shared or single) with beds, mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, wardrobes, side table.
  • Amenities like Air Conditioner, RO, and Microwaves are subject to availability in the property. In the case of unavailability, tenants can rent these amenities independently. SmartLivein has a registered network of service providers to avail add-on services.
  • Kitchens loaded with Refrigerator, gas stove, gas cylinder and basic utensils.
  • Dining area with dining table and chairs.
  • Clean bathrooms with Geyser and other washroom utilities.
  • WiFi connection based on availability and feasibility.
  • Power Backup facility (Fuel Needs to borne by the tenants).
  • Washing Machine for common use.
  • Tastefully lighted, painted wall, door mats, curtains etc. to add to the elegance.
  • Balcony (Depends on up availability within the property)

Any other benefits and privileges?

Yes, you can avail exclusive offers and discounts from our alliances. We will keep updating our alliances list.

In which cities SmartLivein services are available?

SmartLivein currently provides services in Hyderabad and planning to start operations in other Metropolitan cities. The properties are available at prime locations strategically located near corporate hubs and educational areas. We are launching our properties in other parts of the country very soon. Stay tuned!

What types of houses are on your property list?

Till now our properties range from but are not limited to 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK builder floors, flats and independent houses.

What is Security Deposit?

Two Months rent as Security deposit should be paid within 5 days of the booking date or 1 day before move-in date; whichever is earlier. This amount is refundable subject to adjustments at the time of your exit.

Is there any lock-in period?

Yes, it varies from property to property.

If I leave before lock-in period, is any penalty charged?

Yes, 1 month's security deposit will be deducted.

Can I change to another SmartLivein Property after lock-in period?

Yes, you can shift to other SmartLivein properties without serving any notice period. There would be a transfer fee will be applicable. Any difference in rent & security deposit is to be paid before shifting. In case the new rent is lower, the difference in security deposit is adjusted against the following month's rent.

What is token Amount & why do I need to pay it?

Token amount is a small deposit made to book a home. Once token money is paid, your booking is automatically confirmed. Booking cannot be made without payment of token money.

How is my token amount adjusted?

The token amount you pay while booking your home, is automatically adjusted in the security deposit to be paid.

Will Token amount be refunded, if I cancel my booking?

Once booking is made, the house is booked for you. If you decide to cancel the booking, token money paid will not be refunded.

How do I find a home that suits my needs?

Visit our website, search for a home in your preferred locality and schedule a visit online. Alternatively, you can also call 6302750499 and our representative will assist you in your search. You can also use SmartLivein app to search and book homes.

How do I schedule a home visit?

Schedule your visit by filling the form online. Choose your preferred time and date and our member will get in touch with you. A visit executive will be assigned, who will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can call us at 6302750499 to schedule a home visit.

I found the home I need, now what?

Welcome onboard, dear SmartLivein! Book your home by transferring Token Money online.

Is there any kind of brokerage?

Yes, There are service charges applicable.

How do I book the home I like?

To book a home, you need to transfer token amount & inform us about your move-in date. You can book your SmartLivein Home by paying the token money online or by getting in touch with us directly on 6302750499.

Can I choose any move-in date?

As we take care of the legal formalities for our tenants, we insist that you give us at least 48-hour prior notice before move-in.

But I need to move-in immediately, what should I do?

Only in case of extreme emergencies, our team will assist move-in within 24 hours. For such a request, please make sure you get in touch with us directly via 6302750499.

I decided my move-in date, how do I inform you?

While confirming your booking online by payment of Token Money, you can enter the move-in date that suits you. Our executive will get in touch with you immediately to confirm the move-in date.

Under what scenarios can move-in get delayed?

In some cases, move-in may get delayed due to society terms & conditions or delay in processing of legal documents. Please check with our representative to fix a convenient move-in date. Once your move-in is confirmed, our move-in team will help you with hassle-free shifting.

I have finalized by move-in date & booked the room, what next?

Our executive will get in touch with you to help you complete and submit all necessary legal documents. Please ensure that security deposit, One Month advance rent with all necessary documents are submitted before move-in to avoid any inconvenience.

What are the legal formalities & documentation taken care by SmartLivein?

SmartLivein takes care of the entire documentation for the tenants. The documents that need to be submitted include:

  • Rent Agreement
  • Society specific approvals/documentations (if any)
A nominal fee for preparation and submission of Rent Agreement needs to be paid by every tenant.

Do I need to submit any Documents?

Yes, you need to submit the following documents within 48 hours of booking or 1 day before move-in, whichever is earlier.

  • Photo ID Proof (Voter-id Card, Passport, Driving License)
  • Employment Proof
  • 2 Passport sized photographs
  • 2 local references contact (Name, Contact number, Address, email-id)
  • Self-Employment Proof (if self-employed)
  • Permanent Address proof & Witness for rent agreement
  • Depending on society norms, we might ask you to submit some other document as well. We will facilitate the process.

When will I get the Home Keys?

One set of keys will be given to each tenant (Main Gate + Room), at the time of move-in.

What do I need to know about Key handling?

At SmartLivein safety and security of SmartLivein Mates is of paramount importance. We strongly encourage you to take utmost care of the keys that we hand over to you.

What if I have lost my keys?

On key loss, immediately inform us. If you want us to make another copy of your key set, we can do that at reasonable charges.

Can I drink or smoke, what about parties?

Not allowed in resident premise

Can I host guests?

No guest allowed without approvals from Owners/SmartLivein.

Can I decorate the apartment?

Yes, you can decorate your space tastefully without damaging the property. Please avoid structural changes without prior permission.

Are pets allowed?

NO, pets are strictly not allowed.

If I am staying and any problems occur who will be responsible- SmartLivein or owner?

SmartLivein shall assist you in solving the problem by connecting / coordinating with you and owners, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.

Whom do I contact in case of any emergency?

You Can reach us at 6302750499

Is the tenant responsible for damages to the residential premises?

Yes, the tenants will be responsible for damages to the residential premises.

What is the exit procedure?

Inform us via mail in the format provided by SmartLivein at least 30 days before your scheduled move-out date.

Can I cancel my move-out request?

Yes, you can cancel it up to 1 day before scheduled move-out date. Subjected to availability, you can request for internal transfer within the SmartLivein community.

How many days do I have to wait to get my security deposit back?

Within 25 working days from the date of your exit, it is subjected to NOC from other tenants and settlement of any bills, dues & deductions.

Is SmartLivein responsible for the 3rd party payments and shared dues?

No. SmartLivein is not accountable for any 3rd party payments like maid charges, sweeper charges or any other dues.

Will SmartLivein arrange my parking space?

Parking space is mostly provided by the community based on allocation. Please check with our executives beforehand for a wonderful experience. It can vary depending upon societies.

I don't like the surrounding after shifting, can I shift to another SmartLivein property?

No, it is governed by the agreement terms and conditions.

Do you offer corporate packages?

If your employees are interested in renting a home with us, we would be more than happy to help you. Let's get connected at 6302750499 or mail us your requirements at Please feel free to reach out to us from 9.00AM to 10:00 Pm at 6302750499

My question is not listed here, what now?

Don't worry. Please feel free to reach out to us from 9.00AM to 10:00 Pm at 6302750499

I am a property owner, how can I rent out my property through SmartLivein?

We strive to make home renting smart, risk-free and fruitful for property owners. We provide complete property management services like finding verified tenants, furnishing the property, completing legal formalities, rent collection and property maintenance. Get in touch with us at 6302750499